Business & Commercial Insurance

Hometown Insurance offers the residents of Blooming Prairie and the surrounding cities protection for their businesses and commercial properties. Comprehensive business plans provide a backup plan and means of recovering from several areas of loss, including:

• Property—including theft, physical damage to the building or contents, and loss of use.
• Legal Liability—when employees and customers are on your premises, you may be responsible for injuries or illnesses that result from faulty products, unsafe conditions, or services performed incorrectly. Legal liability covers you against these circumstances.
• Workers’ Compensation—a specialized category of liability that applies only to employees.
• Company Vehicle—should an accident occur while your company vehicle is in use, this specialized auto insurance policy covers multiple drivers.
• Key Person Loss—if a manager, owner, partner, or other key employee becomes disabled or passes away, this coverage benefit can provide essential funds for use while you sort out how to recover from this loss.
• Life & Health—important benefits to offer all your employees, Hometown Insurance can create customized life and health policies to fit your business and your team.
• Business Interruption—if you suffer a loss in the case of a fire, flood, or natural disaster that halts business production, this benefit will help you pay for expenses until you’re back up and running.
• E-Commerce Insurance—Hometown Insurance also offers benefits to cover internet virus, theft of data, and other online security breaches.

Farm Insurance

Hometown Insurance understands the unique needs of farm and ranch operations and their owners. We can find customized plans for multi-generational family farms and small farms alike. These policies can be combined with home, auto, and liability coverage. Farm insurance covers three main areas:

• Equipment & Supplies—insure all your tractors, tools, grain, and other machinery against damage and theft.
• Commercial AG Operations—for large, complex farming operations that do a lot of business with outside vendors, we have coverage for your workers, trucks, and goods.
• Crops & Livestock—your crops provide you and others with a food source, and your livestock is a vital resource for your farm’s success. Get coverage for when your crops or animal products (such as milk and eggs) get damaged or if your livestock is injured or killed.