Personal Insurance

With Hometown Insurance’s auto, home, life, and health policies, you can get all the personal insurance plans you need in one place. When you need to file a claim, we will be the mediator between you and the insurance company, making sure all your needs are met and offering you peace of mind.

Auto Insurance

Our comprehensive auto insurance policies for Blooming Prairie and other areas of Minnesota include liability and collision coverage. Whether you’re a new driver, college student, experienced adult, or looking for multiple driver coverage, our agents will help you find the policy that fits your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. There are several factors that come into play when determining your auto insurance rate, such as driver experience, driving record, age and condition of your vehicle, and how many miles you drive regularly. We’ll be sure to ask all the right questions and obtain the information needed to get you the best rate possible.

Home Insurance

Buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make—why wouldn’t you want to protect it? Most lenders require the purchase of a homeowner’s insurance policy, so work with the trusted agents at Hometown Insurance. From the structure itself to its contents, including appliances and personal items, flood coverage, and protection for your exterior property, we’ll create a policy that meets all of your needs.

Life & Health Insurance

While many employers offer life and health insurance policies, there can be limitations as to who is eligible for coverage. Temporary or part-time employees may not be covered. Even if your employer does offer these, you may be able to get a better rate or more customized plan by purchasing insurance on your own. Whatever the reason, Hometown Insurance provides the protection you and your family need to stay healthy and protect you financially if a serious illness, injury, or tragedy strikes. From health savings accounts to PPOs, specific riders, and more, we can find you the perfect plan. Options include individual coverage, family coverage for your spouse and children, disability policies, and other coverage specific to your needs.

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